RosseAne Roll Petito Bonito - female for sale ( 3,5 months)


13.11.2013.: We invite you to new gallery in Puppies section.



We have free puppies for sale!

30/09/2013.: 4-week puppies and their first garden

01/09/2013 - Janis gave birth to three beautiful girls and a handsome boy!!
((Wildomar's Brave Barchelor x Lordsett Janis Joplin))
We are happy :)
Janis and the kids have a great time! They are divine!


29.07.2013.:  Today's ultrasound - our JaNiS is pregnant! <3                




"Our Keylutek" :-)

World Winner 2013 & BOB!!


"Our" pupil Keyla Lordsett WHITE ANGEL finally wins!
With new owner-Vibe (
kennel Sieger's, Denmark) - goes on the shows (thanks), and the successes are simply spectacular. Until now:

World Winner 2013

Europe Winner(VDH) 2013

3 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 3 x CACIB, 5 x CC/CAC

fot. Vibe and Kasia with Keylą (new owner and breeder);

World Dog Show in Budapest

- Lordsett WHITE ANGEL - World Winner 2013 and BOB!!


Thank you for information and photos




19.05.2013: News from National Dogg Show in Radom


Milagros Petito Bonito "Keira" -  very promissing 1

title: Best Puppy

judge:  Małgorzata Lorenc



27.04.2013: Good news from Internarional Dog Show in Drezno -


International Rassehunde - Ausstellung Dresden


photo: Milagros Petito Bonito with judge and Ewa


Milagros Petito Bonito "Keira" - very promissing 1

title: Best Puppy


judge: Axel Komorowski


Keira grows up to be a beautiful girl;
We would like to congratulate you!




20.04.2013:  Emi MAURICIA Petito Bonito is rising in beautiful sun Cordoba
and preparing to take off on shows in the youth class!
Best regards and thank you for the pictures.


photo: Małgosia,

„Emi” Mauricia Petito Bonito, Spain – april 2013.





24.03.2013 XXVIII Monografica del Spaniel Club de Espana, Madryt, judge: Thierry Bossuet, final: D. Michael Masters.
"Emi" Mauricia Petito Bonito Spaniel Club Show in Spain won the race, and in the final Best in Show took 3rd place!
Congratulations to prepare!

16.03.2013 r.
XVIII International Dog Show in Katowice
MILAGROS Petito Bonito in puppy class got the 1st place and very promising, judging Briton Colin Mackay.




09.03.2013  My Springers emigrated! Too far ...... Spain, Brazil, Denmark ..... too much time on my heart!
Hugs for Mauricia, Margeritta & White Angel, *
Forever in my soul!

Lordsett White Angel "Keyla" went to Viborg in Denmark and lived in the culture Sieger's (www.siegers.dk).
We know that is great, so all we wish the joy of life and the springer spectacular successes in the show ring world in which we firmly believe - we are
so sure
! ... Forever in our souls!

MARGERITTA Petito Bonito "Margot" left our kennel less than a week ago.
After an incredibly long journey to Coqueiral de Aracruz, "Margot", so long awaited by Paula and Alexandre now can bask on the coast of "otherworldly" soak up the Brazilian sun.
We already miss, Sunshine! We are very accustomed to you!

For a month we host in our home, "Keira" MILAGROS Petito Bonito.
Carers wybyli temporarily to the Far East, but łaciatka is in family house plethora of companies, interest - does not even look up, and Eve Ark will no longer back! :) Greetings to Asia! :)




"Emi" Mauricia Petito Bonito already had their debuts in the rings of Spanish in Granada and Seville, so the evaluations very promising:
XXXII Exposicion Nacional Canina - 16.02., GRANADA 2013 (judge: Seamus Oates, Irlandia) - Best Puppy in Breed
XXIX Exposicion Internacional Canina - 17.02., GRANADA 2013 (judge: Francisca Sans) - Best Puppy in Breed
XIX Exposicion Nacional Canina - 02.03., SEVILLA 2013 (judge: Dick Rutten, Holandia) - Best Puppy in Breed
XXXVII Exposicion Internacional Canina - 03.03., SEVILLA 2013 (judge: Frank Kane, Wielka Brytania) - Best Puppy in Breed

Congratulations to Gretel and little family! I'm proud of you :-)




28.01.2013 - Now is the beginning of the year, along with January of the first successes of our "children" of Litter "M"!

Petitkowa beauty - "Keira" - MILAGROS Petito Bonito debuted the 1st deposit at the Second Winter National Dog Show in Bedzin (20.01.2013 onwards), earning very promising and Best Baby in Breed. In the final competition on 30 baby Keira went to the final eight!
Then the 01/27/2013 MILAGROS Petito Bonito at the Third International Dog Show in Głogow obtained very promising and very nice description, judge James Byrnes (IRL).
Congratulations for a great start in this new adventure for carers Ewa and Arek - good luck for the next shows! Do Galerry we add new photos:-


In central point of photo there are MILAGROS Petito Bonito with owners;  photo by Madera Anita




16.12.2012 r.



Puppies "M"
tend to have a great time and end 10 weeks!


MILAGROS Petito Bonito, the Home-"Keira" from three weeks living in Wroclaw with Ewa and Arek. She is a helper in the office :) and soon will attend a puppy kindergarten!
Travel to Cordoba bravely lifted the Mauricia Petito Bonito - "Emi", which is currently acclimatized in a completely different, nice and warm Espana climate. We already miss! at the same time believing that Małgosia with children and his ark provide excellent low socialization and education.
Our flock ... until the middle of March will take care of the "Margot" - MARGERITTA Petito Bonito, since the advent of spring bitch is flying to Brazil. Have patience with Alexandr and Paula, I will be waiting


W zakładce "Szczenięta" stworzyliśmy profile naszych petitkowych piękności!




29/10/2012 - MARGERITTA Petito Bonito - female for sale





22.10.2012 - Children in our Lordsett JANIS JOPLIN & Linmoor ZIMPLY ZALIENT to seven weeks.

Within a week, two of Petitek leave for their new homes - in Wroclaw and south sunny Spain :) The future guardians wish you patience because it is difficult to wait so sweet tots at home :)
In the gallery you can see photos of puppies garden and the first photo in the attitude of the exhibition!



08.10.2012 - Puppies are already five weeks! Learn about the world in all possible ways.
See the photos.




01.10.2012 -  Petitki celebrate the first month of life! I just finished four weeks and more readily examine our cottage ... They can no longer organize the fun, and "Aunt Keyla" is staring at the girl as a tv screen :) Welcome to "Puppies"




13.09.2012 - Our kids ended 10th day full food and delicious sleep. Currently, crawling, trying to put the first steps and soon opened his tiny eyes.



03/09/2012 We have puppies!
Lordsett JANIS JOPLIN "Janis" & Linmoor ZIMPLY ZALIENT "Zeneck" were parents three pretty girls :-))



07/30/2012 We are happy to announce that ultrasound examination confirmed the pregnancy of our Lordsett JANIS JOPLIN "Dżenis" :) Now we expect the birth of pups, while we take care of the future mother. We will inform you about birth



05/20/2012 The - Have a look at new photos of our dogs -> Gallery



14/05/2012 The - Wroclaw have been tested in our joints, "Janis", result: A - without dysplasia, which is quite healthy. Further clinical examination for hereditary eye diseases showed equally good results - PRA, cPRA, RPED, Cataract, RD, CEA - eyes clear.



05/07/2012 - the 6 th May 2012 we hosted the XX International Dog Show International Dog Show (CACIB) in Lodz - presented Lordsett JANIS JOPLIN "Janis," and our result is a silver medal, the second place with excellent note. Judge Tamas Jakkel (H). In summary, this Sunday we spent very nice. Thank you!




08/03/2012 - Today was our young Lordsett WHITE ANGEL - "Keyla" finished sixth month ... For half a year makes this an incredibly short steps to the exciting world for her! It is wonderful and brings to our house even more fun, throwing into our two-year play "Janis".



1/19/2012 - The show season starts in spring and late summer 2012, we plan first puppies.



01/18/2012 - Welcome to the newly established breeding site. We have created a place in the network to be able to "share" with you springerami. Welcome!

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